At Jack Brown Eyecare our opticians are dedicated, not to selling spectacles but, to helping everyone enjoy optimal vision.

Our workforce shares this belief and gets pleasure providing you, in a friendly, relaxed environment, with professional optical services at the highest level.

When spectacles or contact lenses are necessary we enjoy advising on the most suitable frames, lenses and contact lens.
Arrange an appointment with an optometrist today to have your vision checked.

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JB Eyecare Tram Update
Elder Street access is improved following the opening of York Place after the tram works disruption.
Access now from York Place. Parking available in St James Car Park, Blue Badge parking at Elder Street
entrance in our new loading bay!

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Ocular Coherence

A picture tells a 1000 words...

A 5 second scan during your next eye test gives the information of over 64,000 photographs, so surely including an OCT scan as part of your eye examination makes sense.

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Eye Exams

Our eye exams are designed to ensure the continuous care and protection of your eyesight. We use the latest techniques and equipment but more importantly we do everything possible to ensure your visits are efficient and enjoyable.

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Special Offers

Jack Brown Eyecare have many attractive deals on Contact Lenses, brand name Spectacles, Sunglasses and Accessories. Explore the latest Products and Treatment offers available at your local Jack Brown Eyecare practice.

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Latest News

Optometry is going to be placed firmly within the NHS as the provider of primary eyecare. The new exam will cover a health assesment may lead to refraction, other procedures or referrals or care pathways for sight threatening conditions.

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