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MacuShield® exclusively contains the three macular carotenoids: lutein, zeaxanthin and meso- zeaxanthin in a once a day, easy to take, food supplement.

Society's attitude to health and fitness has changed dramatically in recent years and we are now, more than ever, aware of the need to maintain our health for as long as possible. We recognise the importance of eating a varied and balanced diet in conjunction with frequent exercise. However, this is not always possible due to our hectic lifestyles. Increased awareness of potential risk factors may alleviate complications as we age. The unique MacuShield® formula combines powerful antioxidants that help shield the macula against potential free radical and blue light damage. MacuShield® is tested at leading research institutes, and endorsed by Jack Brown Eyecare.

Jack Brown Eyecare are a main supplier of Macushield®. Obtain your Macushield® supply by mail order or pick up from either our Elder Street or Wester hailes Practice.

Contact Lens Scheme Offer

Although you probably wear your contact lenses most of the time it's still necessary to have a pair of glasses so why not take advantage of this great offer from any Jack Brown Eyecare Branch.

Spectacles Offer

Once you have settled to your new pair of spectacles you may wish to have a second pair (sunspecs, a different style maybe or in case of loss) so why not take advantage of this great offer, and remember all Jack Brown Eyecare frames come with a ONE YEAR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE.
So even if the dog chews them we will replace them free of charge!

Sport Swimwear

Speedo Mariner

Adult Mariner Goggles

The adult Mariner goggle is a no-nonsense swimmer's item, offering the key benefits of great visibility, protection against UV ray and supreme comfort at all times.
The Mariner comes in four distinct styles, so there is sure to be one for any adult swim. The multi-purpose Speedo Core Mariner goggle enables great visibility as well as offering UV protection and a synthetic strap to enhance comfort in the water. Incredibly comfortable swimming goggles with anti-fog lens and fully adjustable nose bridge.

Hilco RX

Hilco RX Goggles

Hilco swim goggles are modular goggles that can use prescription lenses for people who would normally wear glasses or contacts. There is no need to worry about poor vision or losing a contact while swimming while wearing prescription goggles. The Hilco goggles can be ordered with different prescription powers for each eye, or with non-prescription lenses. Because the lenses are removable, you can order different lenses should your vision change. Hilco goggles have a soft and flexible nose bridge and are adjustable to fit your face comfortably.

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