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Silhouette Eyewear

Iconic Eyewear made in Austria. Since 1964.

Exceptional aesthetic often arises from the combination of two seemingly opposing poles. Silhouette eyewear has always succeeded in mastering this art: Achieving unparalleled lightness through inner strength. To remain true to oneself and to constantly set new impulses. To create timeless design that also meets the spirit of the age.

Our production philosophy – with its craftsmanship and emphasis on manual work – is akin to that of a cottage industry. The result is unique eyewear that will delight and surprise you in terms of its innovation. Excellent design and high-quality materials create a clarity of design that expresses the individuality of the people who wear them.


Silhouette has revolutionised the world of eyewear with the world's lightest glasses. Extremely high standards of workmanship and the use of the latest materials and production techniques enable us to create new and innovative products.


From the very outset, Silhouette has always pursued a vision that still holds true today: Creating the most beautiful eyewear in the world. We put our heart and soul into our work to turn this vision into reality.


Unlimited possibilities in terms of shape, colour and design express what makes a pair of Silhouette spectacles unique: your personality.


Innovative materials and puristic design define the unmistakable lightness of our eyewear. See it and feel it.

Creating Design

Silhouette eyewear stands for classic design, which is also in tune with the spirit of the age. We aim for clarity, which will bring out your personality in all its facets.

Made In Austria

We have been making eyewear in Austria since 1964. This is how we guarantee high quality and exquisite workmanship using the finest materials, ensuring that when it comes to comfort our eyewear is second to none.

Silhouette Lenses: The Silhouette VISION SENSATION™

Silhouette Lenses: The Silhouette VISION SENSATION™

Premium frames combined with bespoke lenses. Seeing without boundaries.

100% unique for greater individuality

Choose from more than 400 different lens shapes in five colours and create glasses with the perfect look for you, from an eye care professional you trust.

Titan Minimal Art – Unify The perfect fusion of Lenses and Frames.

Thanks to INTEGRATED GLAZING TECHNOLOGY, the frame merges into the lenses with minimalistic, aesthetic precision. Experience the puristic, dynamic design and fluid, elegant lines.

Frame & Lenses in perfect harmony

INTEGRATED GLAZING TECHNOLOGY, the new glazing technology from Silhouette, ushers in a future of extraordinary combinations. The frame merges into the Silhouette PANORAMA™ lenses with seamless, aesthetic precision, leaving the two inextricably linked. Every Silhouette forges a union like no other.

Optimised Field of Vision right to the edge of the Lens

With Silhouette VISION SENSATION™ we use the lens shape selected by you and your frame data to determine the individual calculation points optimally right to the edge of the lens. In doing so, we take into account all your personal wearing parameters, such as pupillary distance and reading distance.

Minimal Sway & Distortion

The ultra-harmonious strength gradation allows perfectly variable vision from distance to close-up and gives you more freedom of movement. Silhouette VISION SENSATION™ reduces unwanted sway and illusory motion in the lens to a minimum.

Photo Sensation

Your optical lenses for any lighting conditions. Whether at home or on the go, Silhouette PHOTO SENSATION offers ideal protection for your eyes in any lighting. The lenses adjust seamlessly to UV light, so you can wear your glasses all day long. Discover PHOTO SENSATION lenses in Stone Grey, Walnut Brown and Forest Green.

The benefits of ordering Silhouette products from JB Eyecare:

  • Highly professional customer service with a smile.
  • Ask about our accidental damage replacement on our prescription lenses.
  • Free P&P on all orders over £99.
  • All Silhouette products come with 3 year manufacturers warranty (T&C's apply).


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Tomato Eyewear for Babies & Children

Tomato Eyewear

Tomato glasses is a story about the love of a parent for their child and the extreme they have gone to, to find perfect. They are frames that fit to a child’s face rather than the child fitting to them. We, Tomato Glasses, will continue to make children’s frames so that we can make children and their parents happy.

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