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Oakley Eyewear

All Glasses Designed For You

Pure performance without taking a pill - Oakley is all about high performance blended with style. In our increasingly active lifestyles, glasses are no longer about just being trendy but tailoring our look to meet our lifestyle needs. The brand that is responsible for the incredibly popular Oakley sunglasses also make eyeglasses that provide precisely that – stylish eyewear and the best technology to meet the daily demands of wearing glasses Oakley glasses are not just made for work though – they are also made for play. Their ‘Active’ collection is specially designed for sports, helping you to always perform your best no matter what the condition. Our favorite picks include the CHAINLINK , HALF JACKEL XL 2.0 and RACING JACKET models.

Our line of exquisite Oakley glasses are quintessential for anyone willing to be courageous. Oakley prescription glasses are made with the finest materials. Each pair of Oakley Prescription Glasses ooze excellence and sophistication. Single vision lenses come free with each Oakley frame, whether that be for reading glasses or distance use.

Exceptional quality & great style: the dual characteristics of Oakley

Oakley glasses have long been known for their exceptional quality in design and materials, and for the great style behind the clean lines favoured by Oakley glasses. Combine these with the professionalism of our team of opticians who work to ensure you get precisely the lenses you need, and you're left with a fantastic deal on Oakley glasses that's hard to beat.

Make a statement with Oakley glasses from JB Eyecare

Started in 1975 in founder James Jannard's garage, Oakley has become a staple name in the sunglasses and clothing industries. Named after Jannard's English setter "Oakley Anne", the company originally sold motorcycle grips made with a trademark material called "Unobtanium" that was created by Jannard. Today, the material is still used to make Oakley glasses, which first became part of the Oakley portfolio in the early 80s. With models such as the Oakley Crosslink glasses, Oakley has become synonymous with clean-cut, precise design and quality materials.

Oakley glasses and sunglasses come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, ensuring a selection that has something for everyone, no matter how understated or colourful their individual style is. What's more, you can choose the colour of each of the Oakley frames, so whether you're looking for a specific Oakley frame to go with a particular outfit, or just need something you can wear on a day-to-day basis, JB Eyecare's collection of Oakley glasses shines not just as a result of the high-quality glasses, but also because of the low-budget prices.

Customise your lenses at a price you can afford

The Oakley frames are made with the precision and attention to detail you expect from Oakley, and our lenses are added with the same level of precision and detail. Choose between our classic clear lenses, or opt to turn your Oakley glasses into sunglasses with our special sunglass tinting. Many of our sunglasses are also prescription-ready, meaning you can have prescription sunglass lenses that keep out the sun's UV rays, while still ensuring you can see without needing to put in contact lenses. Please note, however, that because of the thickness of the lens, some frames do not work with all prescription requests. Our team of opticians is happy to help you find a frame that works with your prescription. Simply submit your order and they will contact you to help with the prescription details for your new Oakley glasses.

Our polarised lenses minimise glare from reflective surfaces, making them an ideal solution for those who wear glasses while driving or playing sports outside. Or opt for our self-tinting lenses which adapt to the indoor or outdoor lighting you're in, removing the need to switch between glasses and sunglasses. And with our super hydrophobic coating option you can give your Oakley glasses a water- and grease-repellent roll-off effect that keeps your lenses clean and your eyes happy. The price of the lenses will vary based on the options you choose, but rest assured that the price we charge is certainly something you can afford, even if you're on a budget.

The benefits of ordering Oakley glasses from JB Eyecare:

  • Highly professional customer service with a smile.
  • Ask about our accidental damage replacement on our prescription lenses.
  • Free P&P on all orders over £99.
  • All JB Eyecare products come with 12 month UK manufacturers warranty.


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Police Eyewear

Police Eyewear

The optical line from Police was created after the sunglasses came out. The Police brand name is an expression of recognisability, of uniqueness, of the celebration of self. The emotion and culture of its time is a style to be followed and inevitably trendy.

Selected JB Eyecare Brands

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