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Hearing Service available at JB Eyecare

Welcoming the introduction of audiology services at both practices

Audiology Services

Jack Brown Eyecare has been providing quality eye care for over 50 years in and around Edinburgh, but new for 2023, in a bid to further the health of our patients, we have introduced audiology services at both practices.

Hearing is a vital sense that is crucial in every part of daily life. It allows us to communicate with others, enjoy music and other sounds, and stay fully aware of our surroundings. However, many of us take our hearing for granted and fail to appreciate how important it is to have it checked regularly.

Hearing loss can occur at any age, and it can have a significant impact on a person's quality of life. There is even an established link between hearing loss in 30/40s and early onset dementia. The World Health Organization (WHO), have highlighted that over 466 million people globally live with disabling hearing loss. That number is likely to reach 900 million by 2050.

Regular hearing tests are recommended for detecting any potential loss early on. Like eye disease, early detection and action can help mitigate further damage to the ears and protect hearing. Did you know, hearing tests can also help identify any underlying medical conditions that may be causing hearing loss, such as infections or even tumours?

Hearing Tests

Hearing tests are also be utilised to identify any work-related hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noise. This can be especially important for individuals working in loud environments such as construction, factories or concert venues among others. Prolonged exposure to loud noise can lead to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) which can be permanent.

A hearing test is a simple and non-invasive procedure that can help identify any loss and provide individuals with the information allowing them to take action to protect their hearing. If a loss is found, there are several different treatment modalities available, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, and assistive listening devices.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are one of the most common and well-known corrections for hearing loss. They amplify sounds, making them easier to hear. Nowadays, with the introduction of technology, they can do a lot more than that, pairing with phones allowing you to pick from various functions depending on the environment.

In addition to treatment options, there are also steps individuals can take to protect their hearing. These include:

  • Avoiding loud noise when possible
  • Wearing earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones in loud environments
  • Keeping the volume on music and other devices at a moderate level
  • Taking regular breaks when exposed to loud noise for an extended period of time

Hearing Tests

Regular hearing tests are crucial for identifying any potential hearing loss early on and taking steps to protect your hearing. It is important to schedule a hearing test with an audiologist or hearing healthcare professional at least once a year especially if you or a family member notice symptoms.

Don't neglect your hearing health, schedule a hearing test at either Jack Brown Eyecare practice in Edinburgh today!

Remember that early detection is the key to preserving your hearing, and taking the necessary steps to protect your hearing now can help you enjoy the sounds of life for many years to come.

Please ask about making an appointment at either practice now.

Article written by Andy Connell | Optometrist | General Manager

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